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Monday, November 14, 2005

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #8

Double-sized issue! On location from Denver! With special guest The Franque! Reviews of James Kochalka's The Cute Manifesto and Dan Clowes' Ice Haven! A late-night long-distance call to Mister Phil for a group discussion of the Top Ten Artists' Signatures! Sequential Skeletons digs deep for Dave Stevens and Matt Wagner!


Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Did we forget an artist with a cool signature? Tell us here or send us an e-mail!

12:34 PM

Blogger Mob said...

Hey guys, I just had to drop you a line and tell you that the mention of The Epsilon Wave comic made me bust out laughing, as it was published by a company here in our little West Texas town, and I recall visiting their studio (a small rented house) as a very zealous 13 yr old, hoping to make my big break. The guys involved were nice, didn't tell me what totally unprofessional crap I was showing them, and of course never called. I was very amused to hear a mention of a comic I haven't thought about, much less owned in over 15 years...you guys never fail to dredge up some long forgotten comic-related memory. Great show.

11:27 PM


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