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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #10 1/2: Part Two

Part Two of our special Mini-Comics Issue! ISR gets awesome! Carl is the Awesome creator Marcos Perez joins us to discuss his experiences in the mini-comics scene! Sharing some secrets of the beaver-tailed dinosaur whose confidence is bizarre and otherworldly! On what the future may hold for Carl! On his other mini, Tear-Stained Makeup, which is a (semi) super-hero drama! Playing 10 Questions: Who is the Awesome? Plus: a slew of mini-comics resources! A fun interview with the man behind one of the year's most hilarious books! It's super sick!!


Blogger Chuck Forsman said...

Another great issue. I just picked up all the Carl comics off of Mr. Perez's site. And hey! I think it was me that voted for you guys. Oh and I don't know if you keep up with CGS but they randomly called me a few shows ago and I told them how great the indie spinner rack is and that they should listen to it.

Thanks for making the best show ever.

10:53 AM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Chuck Mang!
That is sooo cool....I hope you enjoy the books and get a good laugh or two.

And thanks for the shoutout, sooo supersick of you!!!

It makes my indies jump right out of my undies....er..nevermind.

And so glad you are digging the show...we'll try to keep it up.

Your Palz.

12:59 AM


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