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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #12

This issue: ISR sits down to talk with super-talented Aaron Renier, creator of Spiral-Bound, certainly one of 2005's best graphic novels! Aaron discusses his earlier work, hooking up with publisher Top Shelf, and the genesis of Spiral-Bound! Offering insight into his creative process and inspiration! Plus: he spills the beans on his next project!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great interview. Really interesting discussion of unique influences. Spiral Bound looks really great, a definite buy for me after hearing the interview. Also, I second the comment that Drew Weing's Blar is awesome! http://www.drewweing.com/blar/
-Alister Blake

3:30 PM

Blogger Matt said...

Hey guys I went back and listened to ALL of this episode after I bought and read Spiral Bound (at your recommendation). Great book and super interview!


9:50 AM


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