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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #14

This issue: ISR takes a trip into Ferro City for an interview with Jason Armstrong! On creating the series and landing at Image! On his early indie work, working with the Big Two, and his run on Legion! On his secret animation studio work! On Dave McKean, 10 Questions, and other ISR running jokes! It's Robot Science Fiction Pulp Noir fun!


Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Check out Jason Armstrong's Ferro City online comic here

9:39 AM

Blogger Mike Wieringo said...

The link downloads Episode 12 with Aaron Renier... this isn't the episode with Jason Armstrong.

Just wanted you to know... 'cause I'm anxious to listen to it! And you guys are hilarious!

2:41 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Thanks for pointing that out Mike! Sorry for the mix-up folks! -MP

7:44 PM

Blogger Chuck Forsman said...

Good interview guys! I've been on the fence about this book but now i think I'll seek out those back issues.

Oh, did anyone else notice that Mr. Armstrong's voice kept shifting from super canadien sounding to a deeper more american accent? Maybe it was just me.

10:07 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

HOLY!! Mike Wieringo...Tellos this ain't....er...I mean Tell us this ain't no dream!!
Sorry...I had to slip in that really bad INDY joke for the gang. IT means a ton that you listen to the cast Mike!
Thanks sooo Much. And Hilarious? This is a very serious discussion on comics, Mike.
: P

12:58 PM

Anonymous ANNIE H. said...

You guys are really just too deliciously nifty.
I haven't yet learned everything about this show.
I haven't yet learned everything about the ways of love.
Coincidence? I say naaaaaah.
Really, though. Un breath del aire fresco.
In case you even care, I do a radio show from 2-4 p.m. on Friday afternooners through my college's student-run station (I PROMISE it doesn't suck). The site's www.kjhk.org, and I'm trying to interview Archer Prewitt on 2/10. Music AND comics? Too too good good.
Just like you guys. I hope you are blushing, just a little.

2:28 AM


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