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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #21: Part 1

Part One of our wrap-up of the gigantic New York Comic-Con: the good, the bad, and the ugly! Plus, the opening night of MoCCA's Todd McFarlane retrospective exhibition!

and a little more...
ISR studio restroom
Todd McFarlane retrospective


Blogger Dave said...

Holy Crap! And I mean literally, great show guys! See now this is what i have missed....

9:16 PM

Anonymous Andy Jewett said...

Good show boys... looking forward to part 2. Nice to have you back. word.

9:48 AM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Thanks Guys! Good to be back!

10:38 AM

Blogger Alister Blake said...

Great episode, guys!
The NYCC sounds like quite an experience, even if you didn't make it to the PulpHope/Cassaday burlesque party!

Funniest moment in the 'cast - "another d**k move by Diamond."
I almost fell off my chair!!

Looking forward to Part II.


3:44 PM

Anonymous MR said...

Hey Chuck and Mr. Phil,
Nice show!

Funny and interesting.
I think I prefer this method of "reporting" on an event as opposed to doing a live recording at the event. I think just having little snippets of live stuff is fine. That way the whole show is just calmer and more structured....and (to me) it just sounds better.

Anyways, nice job....love the show.


10:22 AM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Thanks for le Comments...Mister Allister and Mister MR!

Yeah..it's definitely fun to be back.

I think in the future, we'll use our Studio Mics for the live stuff and be set down like we are on the show vs. roaming. There definitely wasn't enough of Mr. Phil in those episodes.

BTW...this is Mr. Phil writing this.
ok ok...actually it's Charlito!!!

Thanks again..
Hope you like Part 2. It's ...well...er...go check it.


8:05 PM

Blogger Office Samurai said...

Hey Charlie and Phil - glad to have you back!
Thanks for mentioning Action Philosophers on the show! I totally understand if you didn't like the book - I know that intellectual comics and my art style aren't going to be everyone's thing and I'm totally cool with that - I don't take it personally. To be honest, I don't even know if *I* would like Action Philosophers comic if I wasn't doing it - my tastes are more lowbrow (Hewlett, Dorkin, Fingerman, etc) than intellectual (McCloud, Gonnick, etc.). Or maybe you did like the book - what the hell do I know.
Charlie - it was great to run into you again at the NY con after all these years - I've been listeing to ISR since the Neil Swaab episode and I can't believe I never made the connection. I am dumb.
If you're up for it I know both Fred (Action Philosophers writer) and I would love to be on the show if you'll have us - though from the sounds of things it looks like you won't be running out of comix superstars to interview any time soon. I'll keep listening no matter what - keep up the great work guys!
Ryan Dunlavey

5:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am transcribing comments for my friend, Quadray(a.k.a the Pygmy Janitor in episode 21p1)as he is unfamiliar with this technology.

"MLaXXfrch. Bloloff. Reexxeeek. MXxyzPtLK. Assbug."

I think that roughly translates to "nice show."

1:21 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

You nutty nut nutbar! I freakin' LOVED the Akshone Mr. Pheel Philosophers!
Seriously. Great stuff. I hope I didnt' come off as though I was dissin' it on the show. I finally finished all of them and they are so great! Kudos to you guys.

We'll chat soon my NYC cartoon pal.

5:06 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Oh MY!!!
Quadray is a listener!

Please deliver this message for us...

"Turrfgong phlootpfz caligula madagascar zxu*fondu."

Only meant in of course the nicest of ways.

5:08 PM


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