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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #26

Counting down to the 2006 MoCCA Art Festival: a peek at the festival's panels! Spotlighting Superior Showcase #1 with Nick Bertozzi, Mike Dawson, and Dean Trippe, Supermarket by Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson! What up with the Big Two?: Civil War #1 & Infinite Crisis #7! Uncle CJ calls in with some books for young readers: Banana Sunday & Billy Hazelnuts! A few thoughts on Free Comic Book Day! An ISR MySpace Moment!


Blogger Seth Wolfshorndl said...

That GCast was the best! I think that guy needs to be a regular. Great, great stuff.

-Seth Not That Seth

4:11 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...


Yeah...we've gotten some great feedback on that one.
And it's perfect cuz it covers something we don't know squat about.

Glad you liked Seth man! and btw..we got your cast and will be including it soon.


10:10 AM


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