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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #33


Part Four of our coverage of the 2006 MoCCA Art Festival recorded live at the show!
This time we bring you the MOME roundtable panel! Featuring Gabrielle Bell,
Jonathan Bennett, Gary Groth, David Heatley, Paul Hornschemeier,
R. Kikuo Johnson and Kurt Wolfgang!


Blogger Ben Rosen said...

Much love, fellas.

Much love.

5:14 PM

Blogger CamChes said...

Thanks guys. I never got a chance to leave my table to hear this discussion, and I think its quite worthwhile. Thanks for recording and posting it.

8:45 PM

Blogger Anne said...

Oh, this is wonderful! I'm subscribing today!
Couldn't make it to MoCCA... but now it's like I'm there. :-) Thanks!

5:18 PM

Blogger Office Samurai said...

AWESOME - I thought you guys were just doing interviews at the show. Now I don't feel so bad being stuck behind my table the whole time. Thanks dudes!

Please tell me you recorded the Charles Burns panel!

3:21 PM

Blogger Charlito & Mister Phil said...

Hey Gang of four!

thanks for all the emails.

1. Much love to you BR.haha.
2. No prob. Glad you enjoyed it Camches!
3. Welcome Anne! Glad to have you..I hope you enjoy the other shows and stay for a while!
4. RD!!! My man! We loved covering the panels. And I really enjoyed the MOME one. UNFORTUNATELY though...we were only able to record one other panel. And it was indeed the C Burns panel. BUTTTTT..
They totally didn't use the mics so..it's horrendous audio. I'm frantically trying to save it...we'll see.

9:40 AM


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