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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #43

Her name is Prince - and she is funky! Liz Prince comes to the ISR studio with her entourage of Alec Longstreth and Tugboat Press' Greg Means! Dicussing her Ignatz Award winning Top Shelf book Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed along with her various anthology work including Papercutter and Vice, upcoming projects and more! Hide the kids, this one gets dirty!

New Strips on Liz Prince's Live Journal
Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed from Top Shelf
Alec Longstreth
Tugboat Press


Blogger Matt said...

>>Looks like everyone's just using the Forums to comment now...I'll post this comment in both places and then maybe just switch over to the Forums from now on<<

Hey guys,
Great show! Good to hear a female artist on ISR.
Also, always great to hear Longstreth's voice! For me, he's like David Sedaris or Ira Glass [if there's any NPR listeners out there, you'll know what I mean]....such a distinct voice and always such enthusiasm! He's awesome.
Anyhow, I think as far as "Women in Comics" goes it seems for the younger generations and the more INDIE-type comic creators it MIGHT be leveling out a little more (male to female)...I'm sure the possibility of writing/drawing autobiographical work or more "regular" fiction is way more appealing then coloring or inking a story about "men in tights". Also it seems that there are a number of INDIE comics creators who went to school for painting and printmaking, more "fine art" type backgrounds [in recent years there's also been more and more cross-polination between the comics world and painting world]......and compared with the Joe Kubert School, I know at Mass Art (a neighbor of Liz's Museum School) the ratio of student was more like 60%-40% WOMEN to MEN (more women)...and I think that holds true for many art schools.

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