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Friday, March 02, 2007

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #71

It's more love and comics as ISR welcomes guests Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones to discuss thier graphic novel 12 Reasons Why I Love Her! Plus: some early info on their next collaboration, You Have Killed Me! Keep that iPod handy - musical references abound!

Check out their websites:
Jamie S. Rich
Joelle Jones



Blogger Justin said...

Hey, guys. I am only a recent listener... yours' is a podcast that I have had for a bit, and would pick and choose episodes. And actually kind of had sitting on recommendation, you guys are hilarious, but I just wasn't finding the time.

Then you got on the topic of "You Have Killed Me!" And my ears perked up... now I cannot wait for this, and I have you all to thank. Right up my alley, I am going to try and fit you in to my podcast listening from now on. Thanks again guys, I can't wait for October, I want this book.

6:46 PM


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