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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #74

A special publisher spotlight on Viper Comics! ISR talks with publisher/president Jessie Garza about the beginnings of Viper Comics, the success of Dead@17, what's new, and what's next! Plus the Villains creative team, writer Adam Cogan & artist Ryan Cody tell us all about their series!

Check out the Viper Comics website for more:
Viper Comics

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Blogger Ryan said...

Great episode and Viper is one cool company - I loved the Middleman and Daisy Kutter, two of my most favorite books from recent years.

I have no idea why CBG decided to run a picture of me for the article on the anthology - I also sent them a ton of preview art. I just got my copy of that article too. I'm not going hunting in that picture, I'm just peacefully exploring the Icelandic wilderness (for real).

The pooptacular at the end, um - what the hell?! I miss the Mister Phil!

-Ryan D.

6:20 PM

Blogger Dave0126 said...

There is something so wrong with you, Charlito.

2:39 PM


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