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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #84

Part Two of our special coverage from the Columbus Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo courtesy of ISR correspondents Lenny Cooper and Jeff Tundis! This episode features The Day Prize Awards hosted by Dave Sim and interviews with finalists Pat Lewis, Jim Coon, Michelle Arcand, Mike Dawson, Chad Lambert, Tom Williams, Christopher Studabaker, and Steve Peters! Plus interviews with SPACE founder Bob Corby, Paul Hornschemeier, Eric Adams, Max Ink, Vernon Smith, and Thomas Scioli!

Check out these links:
The Day Prize finalists
the finalists:
Pat Lewis - Abominable
Jim Coon - Beaver
Michele Arcand - Being Different
Mike Dawson - Guitar Solo
Chad Lambert & Tom Williams - Too Much Matheson
Christopher Studabaker & Dusty Neal - Under the Midnight Sun
Steve Peters - Chemistry
and don't forget...
Bob Corby
Paul Hornschemeier
Eric Adams
Max Ink
Vernon Smith
Thomas Scioli

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