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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #91

The fourth episode of our seemingly never-ending 2007 MoCCA Art Festival coverage! We finally go through all the books we got at the show! Plus: roving field reports from Jeffrito with Pat Lewis & Matt Kindt! And SoyJoy!

Links to check out:
Pat Lewis, Fred Chao, Sal Abbinanti, Bryan Stone, David Hopkins, Tyler Chin Tanner, Ed Traquino, Ben Rosen, Rob Reilly, Ayo, Kevin Burkhalter, Box Brown, Hans Rickheit, Laura Park, The Diarrhea Diaries, Cartoon Saloon, Robin Ha, Cliodhna (pronounced Kleena), Robert Goodin, Chris Schweizer, Matt Kindt, Channel Frederator, Monica Gallagher, Alex Cahill, MK Reed, Heeb Magazine, Zach Taylor, The Love Bound Train, Marek Bennett, Michael LaRiccia, House of 12, Keith McCleary, Jordan Michael, Mark Griffin, Matthew Reidsma, Liz Baillie, Charles Schneeflock Snow, Tugboat Press, Marcos Perez, Godfrey Chan, Jacob Chabot, Scars and Bars, Carlos Mangual, Warrior27, Royal Flush, Brian Musikoff, Alec Longstreth, Doug Bratton, Icecreamlandia, Penina Gal, Chuck McBuck, Caitlin Plovnick, JP Coovert, Alex Kim, Sean Ford, Jeff Lok, Adam Staffaroni, Ken Dahl, Sam Gaskin, I Know Joe Kimpel, (whew!)

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Blogger The Fart Party said...

doodes, you can see laura park's work at http://flickr.com/photos/featherbed.

5:11 PM

Blogger jeaux janovsky said...

Hey Indie Spinner Racksters!
Thanks for linking Channel Frederator on your blog! I've been tuning in ever since I got the chance to meet you guys back at the Mocca event in NYC! I was the dude who gave you guys a copy of my "Hi, I just moved to NYC" mini-comic!!! it was cool meeting you!
Keep up the awesome work!

11:48 AM


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