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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #98

Part 1 of our big two-part wrap-up of SPX! The big run-down of all the books we got at the show! And since Charlito was unable to attend SPX, we bring back Alec Longstreth to talk it up with Mister Phil, leaving Charlito feeling left out (aww!)! Tons of great books discussed! Plus: perhaps the greatest moment of Longstreth's life!

Mega-comic linkage:
Ivy by Sarah Oleksyk, High Maintenance Machine by Matthew Reidsma, Mimi's Doughnuts Zine by Marek Bennett, Carl's Large Story by Marcos Perez, Thingpart & I'm Gonna Rip Yer Face Off by Joe Sayers, The Fart Party and Good-Bye San Francisco by Julia Wertz, Nightswimming by Cliodhna Lyons, Muppet Maybes and Knuckles the Malevolent Nun by Roger Langridge, Thin Bear Loves His Brother, Turtle Keep it Steady & The Bait and Switch by Joe Lambert, Maria of Montmartre by Alexis Frederick-Frost, Press Start and Fight by JP Coovert, Leo Geo by Jon Chad, Regina Rich, Middle School Detective & Portraits Volume I: Authors of Adventure Literature by Chris Schweizer, Discovered: Savannah College of Art & Design Anthology, Only Skin by Sean Ford, The End of the World by Emily Weija, A Small Story of Love and Death by Alex Kim, Enjoy the Fish by Penina Gal, Tragic Relief by Colleen Frakes, and Hey Guy by Chuck McBuck & Alex Kim!

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Blogger looka said...

HAHA! still laughin' sorry!

Great cartoon, great show...first time I looked at the links before listening though.

"Nothing? it's not nothing!!!"

laughed my screen off, hehee

best you guys

6:56 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Thanks for including all those links here. Ordered several, and a few other fun items I stumbled across on the way.

Hope I can get my hands on "Leo Geo."

10:01 AM


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