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Friday, April 25, 2008

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #120

Our official ISR correspondents, Lenny Cooper and Jeff Tundis, report from the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio! Features the Day Prize Award ceremony hosted by Dave Sim and interviews with several of the nominees and more, including Dave Sim himself (Simself?)!

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Robert James Algeo (Skull Pen)
Craig Bogart (The Ineffables)
Randy Chang (Bodega Distribution)
Bob Corby (Oh, Comics!)
Matt & Carol Dembicki (Mr. Big)
Zack Flippo (Monster Bomb)
Rickey Gonzales (Victims at the End of the World)
Max Ink (Blink)
Pat Lewis (The Claws Come Out)
Steve Peters (Chemistry, Runner's Paradox, Awakening Comix)
Ed Piskor (Wizzywig)
Brian Ralph (Daybreak)
Madison Shires (The Adventures of Marky)
Dave Sim (Cerebus, glamourpuss, Judenhass)

This issue is sponsored by Archaia Press' Titanium Rain!

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