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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #140

ISR's Fall Preview spotlights several exciting upcoming releases such as Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka, The Ted McKeever Library editions of Transit and Eddy Current, Crogan's Vengeance by Chris Schweizer, Chris Blain's Gus & His Gang, the Fantagraphics collection of Harvey Kurtzman's Humbug and much more!

This issue is sponsored by:

and their book: Poison the Cure by Jad Ziade & Alex Cahill!
Issue #2 now available!

You can buy Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology
directly from ISR here, shipping worldwide:
Buy AWESOME directly from ISR!



Blogger lorenhops said...

Good Morning
After firing up my PC and downloading the latest izzer I almost shat my magic golden underwear listening to your wonderfully delicate treatment of the Mormons. In these troubled times, wrought with political and spiritual difficulties it's good to know that we have luminaries such as Charlito to turn to as shining examples of religious tolerance. I can't abide this type of generosity, I’m too used to being insulted, it's almost too much to take. In fact, wait, there she blows, please excuse me while I go and change my pants.
Much Luv,
P.S. Keep up the good work, I really do love this show.

5:18 PM


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