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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #153

The second installment of the Mini-Comics Book Club! Alec Longstreth is back to kick the knowledge on how to make a mini-comic! In this episode he offers some valuable tips on production and printing that can save you headaches and money! Plus a discussion of John Porcellino's mini-comics work and more!

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Blogger Shannon Smith said...

Great stuff. One other pointer I would throw in is to make a thumbnail book that will be the size you intend to print. I just make a little mock up blank book at my print size and do my thumbnails in that. Then you basically have the prototype with all your layouts and pacing ready to go before you draw your first panel.

9:41 PM

Blogger renee said...

isn't it pagInation? With an I in the middle? That's how we said it in the old days before the digital print out stuff. Pagination. No?

10:22 AM


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