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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #180

ISR takes a look into the past to discuss the short life of mid-1970's publisher Atlas Comics! Editors Jeff Rovin and Ric Meyers sit down with Charlito for a fascinating inside look at the crazy early days of the upstart company and their untimely demise! Plus guest hosts The Phranque and Grape Ape Kevin!

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Blogger JesseT said...

Hi guys - I am a very recent listener but I loved this episode - I;ll be listening from now on.

As an self publisher I love shows like this - good luck at New York Con - my friend Karl Altstaetter will be moderating a panel there - wish I could attend.

11:41 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

I would love to listen to this, but I get a 404 when trying to download it. Also cannot find the podcast on the US ITunes store so I had to add it manually.

10:43 PM

Blogger Charlito and Mister Phil said...

I apologize that this show is not available right now. The file for this show needs some clean-up, which I hope to get around to soon. I will make a note here when it is ready again. -MP

1:06 PM


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