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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #195

Charlito and Mr. Phil are back in the studio together for our wrap-up of San Diego Comic-Con 2011! Sure there's tons of movie, TV, and video game stuff going on there, but we are all about the indie comics - and there was much to be seen! Exciting new books from Dan Clowes, Kate Beaton, Craig Thompson, Nate Powell, Kagan McLeod, Ricahrd Sala, Brian Ralph, Tom Neely, Ray Fawkes, Michael Zulli, Ted McKeever, and more!

You can see all the books we are discussing on Mister Phil's Tumblr page.


Blogger Ricardo Baptista said...

It was as if I knew...

5:00 PM

Blogger Jeff Lafferty said...

Just wanted to say, I love your show guys! I've been working my way back though the old episodes over the last few months.

... But whats been going on with the site lately? I notice a lot of your old podcast seem to be gone, when I click, all I get is an error message.

Hope everything comes back online at some point.

If not I'll be looking forward to the new ones.


3:15 AM

Blogger M Kitchen said...

I miss you guys...

10:48 PM

Blogger bryce said...

First, great panel! The small turnout is unfortunate, but the panel itself was really memorable, and highlighted some things I'd really like to explore.
Because of that, I was hoping you could post who the panelists for the Indie Spinner Rack Reunion panel were. I'm having a bit of trouble finding some of the information I'm looking for. Thanks!

11:55 PM

Blogger Charlito and Mister Phil said...

Thanks, Bryce. I posted a full response to your comment in the "ISR at DCC" post. -Mr. Phil

5:24 AM


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