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Monday, September 17, 2012

Indie Spinner Rack Issue #199

Sponsored by New York Comic Con - newyorkcomiccon.com

ISR #199 has Charlito back in the Mile Hi City as he hits the ground driving and gives updates on the Remember Aurora events, SPX Contastic Tuesday, and goes off on his first ever RANT caused by none other than, Dave Sim one of his comic book idols! Yeah...we know...who hasn't.



Blogger Jeff Lafferty said...

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3:30 AM

Blogger Jeff Lafferty said...

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval"

...jeez, even more lame.

3:33 AM

Blogger Charlito and Mister Phil said...

Comment moderation is enabled solely due to the amount of spam (typically of the 'Cheap Rolex' variety) that we were getting. I think that a page loaded with spam ads is much more lame than waiting a few hours for your comment to post. -MP

1:08 PM

Blogger Adrian Johnson said...


I think your rant was not crazy at all. In fact, I felt very similar after reading about a third of Sim's response to the Fantagraphics offer to reprint Cerebus on the TCJ website.

First, I wondered why Sim needed his response published in the first place. It's either a yes or no answer. But with Sim, it's NEVER that simple per your comment of Sim knowing how to use the media. So I read a third of the TCJ article before I rolled my eyes and clicked to something else.

Second, partly in response to Jeff Lafferty's comment above, Sim has mentioned on his site and elsewhere about how times are hard for him and he is going to have to stop making comics because they are not reciprocating a living for him. The obvious feat of self-publishing 300 comics is monumental. And despite the history that Sim has Groth and Kim Thompson firing broadsides in print, why shouldn't you make those 300 issues work for you and establish a new revenue stream?

Contracts and legalities aside, it feels like Sim wants everything to be one-sided to his favor. And he's doing more damage to himself than anything. I'm not saying that he should accept any old deal, but I don't want to hear Sim complain about it when publishers and entities are making inroads to offer to reprint his life's work, make it accessible and viable to a new generation and provide a fresh revenue stream for Sim's livelihood.

9:28 AM

Blogger Chris Beckett said...

@Jeff Lafferty,

Dude, that was a lame response.


1:55 PM

Blogger Colin Panetta said...

Charlito, I don't think you realize that you're in the same boat as Sim. As you noted, you both got smacked by the economy. Sim just had further to fall. And I don't think it's right to tell him to buck up, take it like a man, and smile while his livelihood and readership dwindle due to forces outside of his control. I think it's reasonable for him to be disheartened.

One very valid point you brought up was that Sim has untapped sources of revenue he could utilize to get him through this time. And, as you predicted, he already is. The digital Kickstarter was already a part of that, and he's announced a couple of projects with IDW, and is publicly entertaining an offer from Fantagraphics.

I often find that when I'm going through a rough time, communicating my feelings to someone often brings on a solution. I think that's all we were seeing with Sim here.

6:45 PM

Blogger Ricardo Baptista said...

And you were actually on a roll...

6:46 AM


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